CA Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives

  • We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give!"
    - Winston Churchill
    It is important to give back to the communities where we work and live. We at Customer Analytics are proud to work with causes and organizations that empower people to become self-reliant or help meet essential needs of children and young adults.

    Our contributions could be in kind, buying supplies, setting up career training opportunities or paying educational dues; or as human capital, through volunteering efforts. Some areas we like to target are: children, children with special needs, health care for children and the elderly, hygiene, education (tuition support, providing supplies or computers) and contributing to maintenance of buildings to support these activities.

Our Initiatives

  • Clarke School for the Deaf, Chennai
  • Manasa School for the Special Children, Chennai
  • Rotary Club of Madras East
  • Anbu Karangal Centre for Human Service
  • Amaze Charitable Trust
  • Kakkum Karangal
  • Village school – Kulakattakuruchi, in Thirunelveli District
  • Wheels for ALL Initiative, Wheelchair Trust of India
  • Chennai Flood Clean-up
Clarke School for the Deaf, Chennai

Founded in 1970, the mission of the Clarke School for the Deaf is to educate, train and rehabilitate the hearing impaired, mentally retarded, deaf blind and multiple handicapped children, and to help them avail all the privileges that are available to the able bodied.

2014/17 contribution:
  • Teacher salaries
  • Equipment and study materials
  • Teacher training (volunteer time)
  • Desktop computers
  • College tuition for 4 students
  • Fees for student vocational training
  • Fees and accommodations for students to attend vocational training at the Karna Vidya Technology Center
  • Repairs to school building
  • Daily meals for 6 month(2015)
  • Daily meals for 6 month(2016)
Manasa School for the Special Children, Chennai

Established in 1998, Manasa is a non-profit institution that caters to the needs of individuals with limitations in their cognitive and physical abilities.

2014/15 contribution:
  • Annual contribution to their Diwali celebration
Rotary Club of Madras East

2016/17 contribution:
  • Avvai Home TVR Girls Higher Secondary School, Besant Nagar – Construction of 19-stall restrooms
  • Government Adidravidar Nala High School in Urappakam – Contributed to building upgrades, restrooms, sports equipment, computers, computer desks and chairs, and a printer
  • Ramakrishna Mission – Hydraulic kits for the automotive lab.
  • Hindu Mission Hospital – Health care equipment.

2015/16 contribution:
  • Helping to fund large-scale improvements to the Govt Adi Dravidar Higher Secondary School (GADHSS) building in Kilambakkam (outskirts of Chennai).
Anbu Karangal Centre for Human Service

A loving home for 87 children and 43 senior citizens.

2014/15 contribution:
  • Books, provisions and storage cabinets
Amaze Charitable Trust

Formed with the vision to help families navigate the autism maze; to help optimize the potential of individuals on the autism spectrum and related disorders; and to make them respected and contributing members of the community.

2014/15 contribution:
  • Building a mobile app to support the productivity of autistic people
Kakkum Karangal

Kakkum Karangal is a haven for the old aged forsaken destitute and orphaned children. Presently, there are six homes housing 250 old aged citizens and 150 school going children and 10 spastic and infants, all are orphaned children.

2014/15 contribution:
  • Sewing machines and supplies
  • Vocational training
Wheels for ALL Initiative, Wheelchair Trust of India

2016/17 contribution:
  • 18 motorized wheelchairs/tricycles
2015/16 contribution:
  • 20 motorized wheelchairs/tricycles
Village school – Kulakattakuruchi, in Thirunelveli District

2014/15 contribution:
  • Two desktop computers
Chennai Flood Clean-up

2014/15 contribution:
  • Employee volunteers spread disinfectant and cleaned up garbage around the Customer Analytics building and the surrounding neighbourhood